Contour Pillow Memory Foam
Prolonged abnormal sleeping postures are classified as one of the most common causes of neck pains. Soft pillows that quickly lose its shape fails to hold the head properly and doesn't offer adequate support to the neck. This leaves the neck muscles and ligaments unrelaxed causing neck strain. Maintaining proper spinal posture during sleep is a key factor that ensures good spinal health. Maintaining the ideal posture becomes a challenge whilst asleep, which is why it is important for us to invest in products that would ensure you maintain the proper posture even whilst asleep. This Contoured pillow is a specially shaped to provide support for your neck and head whilst asleep. The contour pillow can make a world of a difference.
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01)Greater level of Comfort

02)Aligns your back and neck maintaining the ideal posture

03)Reduces pressure on Joints

04)The pillow will retain its shape

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