Mommy Wedge
Pregnant mothers are advised to sleep on their left side especially during the second and third trimesters. This position could result in back strain as a result of the baby bump weighing towards the bed. Comfort World International offers an ergonomically designed solution to this issue. The mommy wedge pillow designed to be used from 20 weeks onwards supports the back and knees as pregnancy progresses and sleeping becomes more difficult. The mommy wedge which is crafted using cloud silk memory foam also helps optimize fetal positioning and would ensure that the mother remains comfortable when sleeping on their side.
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• Size : 14.5(W) x 12(L) x 4(H)

    Absorbs the weight of your baby bump

    • Eases the pressure on the lower back

    • Helps you to lay on the left side which is the recommended sleep position

    • Prevents you from rolling onto your back

    • Encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby during sleep

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