Napper Premium Baby Mattress
A good crib mattress should be a comfortable place for your growing baby to sleep on whilst maintaining the ideal posture which Is of paramount importance. Comfort World introduces Napper Premium which has been manufactured to provide the little gem with an optimum level of comfort, with a dual sided option for parents to choose from. This mattress features a washable cover making it easy for parents to keep their baby's sleep environment clean & cozy. The premier product offering would ensure that your little one gets a good night sleep and lays comfortably in his or her crib. Built with our very own COMFORT CLOUD SILK memory foam padding technology this mattress would cradle your baby providing him or her with the ultimate sleeping surface.
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• Water & Dust Resistant
  •     Mattress Is protected by water and dust resistant easy to clean outer covering.

    • Temperature Control for Optimum Comfort
        Cooling Air flow ensures that the body temperature of your little one is kept cool.
    • Bed Bug Proof
         Protective outer covering would prevent bed bugs from getting into the mattress.
    • Perfect size for the standard crib
         Manufactured to fit the standard crib, measuring at 28” x 48”.

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