Posture-Flex Coccyx Cushion
The Posture-Flex orthopedic coccyx cushion is expressly designed to relieve leg, lower back, and tailbone pain associated with sciatica, poor posture and extended periods of sitting. By reducing pressure on your tailbone, the rear-cutout coccyx cushion enables the muscles and nerves in your lower-back to relax while improving circulation. Premium quality foam that ensures both a great fit and long term reliability. Can be used in your office, car seat, as a floor pillow, and fits nearly every kind of seat.
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  1. Unique cut-out section minimizes painful pressure on the coccyx region
  2. Cut-out suspends coccyx, removing painful pressure from tail-bone
  3. Gently angled to promote correct spinal alignment for better posture
  4. This helps relieve pressure and prevents back pain by suspending your tail-bone over the cut out section
  5. Use it at home, in the office or in the car.

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